Global Business

The global real estate business market is an important part of the real estate profession. The Nevada REALTORS® Global Business Committee is committed to providing information on education, resources and opportunities for global business for Nevada REALTORS® members.


Register for Nov. 18 virtual trade mission to Dubai

Nevada REALTORS Global Business Committee is inviting Realtors from across Nevada and beyond to join it for a day filled with valuable information on the culture & customs of Dubai, the real estate market & business opportunities. The virtual trade mission to Dubai is set for Nov. 18. 

The virtual event will be filled with valuable information on the culture and customs of Dubai, the real estate market there and business opportunities available now as well as some planned for the future. Dubai has been on the leading edge of innovation and is an exceptional place to visit and own property.

Participants will have an opportunity through our online platform to network with other real estate professionals from across the globe. They can also further their education on Dubai if they desire to get formally certified through DubaiLand and Development, the government's licensing entity.

NVR Committee Chair Graeme Latta, or one of the event's committee members will be happy to present at an organization's meetings to share details of the event and the benefits of attending. Early Bird pricing - just $28 - has been extended a week to Nov. 9. For more details and to register click here.


Consider hosting Inbound Trade Missions

Have you ever wondered how to capitalize on the trade shows and conventions that visit our state annually? One way is to host an Inbound Trade Mission. In simple terms, organize a real estate tour of your local area and highlight property you believe the participants would appreciate - and potentially think highly enough of that they’d consider relocating. For our local and state Global Business Committees, inbound and outbound trade missions are paramount to learning about all kinds of real estate opportunities.

Planning a trade mission is easier than you may think.  Here is a brief outline of the LVR process but of course, you can customize and scale this to your specific situation, organization or business. The first step is to create work groups by asking committee members who may be interested in participating. Completing an interest form is an easy way to identify these. Secondly, once all interest forms are submitted, a date and time is established for the work groups to meet. From there, planning can begin.



LVR co-hosted a trade mission (with Southern California's Orange County REALTORS) to China March 19-28 of 2019. It's 2020 Trade Mission to Germany has been postponed. 

LVR hosts its Global Business Committee meetings from 10 to 11:30 a.m. on the third Wednesday of each month.

LVR also hosts an annual Global Day, traditionally in the summer. Specific details will be added when available.



The RSAR Global Business Committee hosts its meeting on the second Tuesday of each month. Click here to learn more about the RSAR group.




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Certified International Property Specialist

The Reno-Sparks Association of REALTORS® has a great tool for foreign language speakers. Click here to find Realtors in the Reno-Sparks area who speak a foreign language.