Nevada REALTORS® is committed to the success of its members. Its Strategic Plan guides the Board of Directors and the Committees to achieve its goals and lead our members into a successful future.

Mission Statement

A classic mission statement answers two questions: Who do you serve? and What products/services do you deliver to that constituency? A successful mission statement defines the organization. It serves as a touchstone which can be used to distinguish relevant from irrelevant activities. After substantial discussion the following mission statement was developed for Nevada REALTORS®.

To enhance the success of our members while protecting private property rights and advocating for our members’ interests.

Vision Statement

A mission statement defines an organization, describing in global terms who it serves and the totality of what it does. A vision statement has a different focus. It is an attempt to define the highest priority objective for the organization over the next three to five years. A consideration of member needs led the planning group to recommend the following as a vision statement for Nevada REALTORS®.

The champion for Nevada REALTORS®