Legal Information Line

TOLL FREE: 800.748.6999

Monday – Friday • 8 am – 5 pm

Nevada REALTORS® offers the Legal Information Line* for members to have direct toll-free access to a qualified attorney who can provide information regarding real estate law and related matters. This valuable service allows you to get answers to questions before they develop into more serious legal issues.

It enables you to:

  • Better serve the public
  • Increase your professionalism
  • Reduce your liability
  • Enhance your bottom line

The Legal Information Line is open from 8 am to 5 pm five days a week. The only exception to this schedule results when the attorney is required to be involved in state legislative, or educational matters.

You are now able to email your questions to the attorney! You will then receive a call back with the response. Send your question to

Email tips include:

  • Subject matter (such as agency, commission, water rights)
  • Specific question
  • Key points
  • Contact phone number for reply
  • Your name

The subject matter of questions entertained on the Nevada REALTORS® Legal Information Line is limited to those questions affecting your real estate practice. For example, contract questions concerning formation, interpretation, and breach occupy a substantial portion of the inquiries. Landlord/tenant matters concerning eviction, tenant rights and all Nevada statutory requirements are also popular. Recent agency, lead based paint and seller’s real property disclosure obligations occupy a considerable amount of attention. Other matters that are not as popular but are covered by the Legal Information Line are: RESPA, fair housing, antitrust, easements, boundary disputes, lease options, common interest property (condos and puds) contracts of sale, trust deed law, title law, commission issues, listing issues and generally anything involving Nevada Real Estate Law.

The Legal Information Line will not discuss ethics issues, which are matters reserved solely to the discretion of the local boards, nor will the Legal Information Line communicate directly with a non-REALTOR® member. Please do not inform your clients, friends or others that your Legal Information Line is a source of free legal advice for them. It’s a member service provided by your state association reserved especially for you!

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