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Nevada REALTORS® Legal Minute Video Series

Watch General Counsel Tiffany Banks and Legal Information Line Attorney Christal Keegan address a variety of topics, including SRPD changes, death on a property, sellers removing personal property and more. More Nevada REALTORS® videos are available on NVR's YouTube channel. Click here to view those options. 


Seller Removing Personal Property

Legal Minute - Landlord Entry Rights



2/28/22 -LEGAL: Disclosures: when to provide and when to reuse

2/9/22 -LEGAL: Utilizing the Nevada Consent to Act form

2/4/22  -LEGAL: Dispute Resources for Nevada RE agents

1/25/22  -LEGAL: Resources for Nevada RE agents

10/4/21  -LEGAL: Acceleration Clauses

9/27/21  -LEGAL: Appraisal Issues

9/13/21  -LEGAL: Power of Attorney

9/7/21   -LEGAL Duties Owed form

6/28/21 -LEGAL: Eviction Moratorium in place through 7/31

6/16/21 -LEGAL Eviction Moratorium

3/19/21   -LEGAL: Home Inspection Reports

3/10/21   -Eviction Moratorium Q&A with Christal Keegan

2/23/21   -Eviction Moratorium Update with Christal Keegan

12/16/20   -Eviction Moratorium Update with Tiffany Banks

11/3/20   -Eviction Moratorium Update with Tiffany Banks

10/28/20   -Open house Directive with Christal Keegan

3/12/20   -REALTORS and Surveillance

1/28/20   -Legal Minute: Commissions Part II

1/21/20   -Legal Minute: Commissions Part 1

1/14/20   -Legal Minute: Inducements

11/12/19   -Legal Minute: SB151 Legal Impacts Part II

10/31/19   -Legal Minute: SB151 Legal Impacts Part 1

10/23/19   -Legal Minute: 'As Is' Clause

8/20/19   -Legal Minute: Licensing Requirements

8/1/19     -Legal Minute: Nicknames

5/29/18   -Legal Minute: Real Estate Teams

3/19/18   -Legal Minute: Earnest Money Disputes

3/15/15   -Legal Minute: REALTOR Advertising