NVR says homeowners fared better than expected during Nevada Legislature

NV Capital
June 20, 2023

Nevada homeowners fared better than expected during the recently concluded session of the Nevada Legislature. So says leaders of Nevada REALTORS® (NVR).
“Compared to what we thought could happen when it started, the session went fairly well,” NVR President Tom Blanchard said. “We appreciate legislative leaders for their efforts and for generally considering and supporting our positions on key issues. We also want to thank to Gov. Joe Lombardo for being the backstop we needed to keep Nevada safe from some legislation that could have had negative consequences for Nevada and its property owners.”

For example, NVR leaders said state lawmakers did not pass legislation that could have led to rent control laws in some parts of the state. NVR has opposed rent control and related measures, with association leaders and industry experts saying such laws are counterproductive, would discourage development and further restrict an already low housing supply in Nevada. Click here to read the full article.