Our Staff



Tiffany Banks


Committees/Responsibilities: All Committees, Board of Directors, Executive Team, Operations and Staff/Contract Management

Phone: 775.829.5911 x104

Email: Tiffany@nvrealtors.org

Mel Perez

Department: Executive/ Administrative

Title: Accounts Payable, Office Manager

Committees/Responsibilities: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Audit, Office Management

Phone: 775.829.5911

Email: Mel@nvrealtors.org

Annie Montgomery

Department: Legal

Title: General Counsel

Committees/Responsibilities: Board of Directors, Bylaws and Policy, Legal Information Line, Legislative, Legal Action Fund, Diversity

Phone: 775.829.5911 x114

Agent Legal Information Line: 1.800.748.6999

Broker Legal Information Line: 1.877.503.8507

Email: annie@nvrealtors.org

Amanda Powell

Department: Communications & Marketing

Title: Communications & Marketing Specialist

Committees/Responsibilities: YPN, Global Business, Leadership Academy, Public Relations, Media Relations

Phone: 775.829.5911 x103

Email: Amanda@nvrealtors.org

Stefania Volk

Department: Administrative

Title: Administrative Assistant to the CEO

Committees/Responsibilities: Board of Directors, Events, Executive Team, AE, Governance, Nominating and Awards

Phone: 775.829.5911

Email: Stefania@nvrealtors.org

Dana Thorp

Department: Government Affairs

Title: Government Affairs Coordinator

Committees/Responsibilities: PAC Accounting, NVRPAC, RIPAC, RCPAC, APPRPAC, RNPF, LMT, Legislative, Major Investor and Recognition Events

Phone: 775.829.5911

Email: Dana@nvrealtors.org